The Photography Portfolio of Ezra Hertzel

A photo of mountainous forested terrainUntitled

Ezra Hertzel is a photographer who maintains a varied, experimental practice. Ezra’s photography portfolio contains panoramic nature shots, tight, urban figure studies, and striking black and white scenes.

A photo of sunlight hitting a forested landscapeUntitled


I enjoy the variation in palette and composition throughout Ezra’s portfolio and within individual photo series. In Missing the Mountains, for example, the artist employs a range of techniques, capturing images in a soft, desaturated palette; in bright, vivid hues, and using solar lense flares to emphasize a sense of spontaneous, realistic viewing. This variation within a series focused on the same subject matter lends to the sense that this subject is being viewed through many different eyes.

The front page of Ezra Hertzel's art


The series Blue Tones focuses on an urban landscape, blending architectural elements with candid figure photography. As a whole, the series presents an unflinching, deeply relatable look at life in a city. With the exact location left ambiguous, these photographs allow for a personal connection.

A photo of light snow falling on an urban streetFairy Dust

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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