Textural Mixed Media: An Art Portfolio by Mary Chalmers Main

A colourful mixed media work with abstracted planes of colourBrilliance 4

Mary Chalmers Main is an artist who works in paint and textiles, creating colourful abstract and figurative works. Mary paints a variety of subjects with a painterly, gestural hand, sometimes incorporating textural mixed media details.

A painting of a sunflower with a faceVincent's model, acrylic on canvas

The works in Mary’s Acrylic Paintings gallery evoke peaceful, almost pastoral natural scenes. While the artist sometimes incorporates elements of architecture into these paintings, her primary focus seems to be on plants, birds, and landscape elements. I appreciate the way that Mary renders these subjects, in detail that’s loose enough to call to mind a breezy, impressionist viewpoint, while still maintaining enough detail to be firmly recognizable.

A screen capture of Mary Chalmers Main's art websiteMary's art portfolio website, www.cigalestudio.com


The artist also works in woven textiles, creating abstract compositions that focus on interactions between colour and texture. The artist’s use of stripes of different textiles -- sometimes horizontal, other times weaving their way across the length of a piece -- creates an interesting sense of visual rhythm and draws the viewer’s eye.

A painting of three seagullsWe Stand on Guard, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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