Fantasy Subjects: An Art Portfolio by Steve Ferris

A digital painting of ValkriesA Flight from Valhalla

Steve Ferris is a fantasy illustrator based in Eastern Long Island, New York. In his artistic practice, Steve creates works featuring a range of fantasy subjects, from mermaids and faeries to Tolkien characters.

A painting of a woman fighting a dragonEowyn


The attention to detail in Steve’s illustrations is stunning. I love the way the artist renders different textures -- skin, fur, hair, and more -- always paying attention to how lighting and ambience affects the look of these elements. The sense of movement in the images is also terrific. Whether a character is flying, running, or leaping through the air, it’s easy to see the progression.

The front page of Steve Ferris' art portfolio websiteSteve's portfolio website,

Steve’s gallery of black and white drawings showcases a greater degree of variation in style -- some of the works in this gallery are tight, polished drawings, while others are sketches or line-art waiting to be coloured. Some of these works remind me of sequential artworks by Chad Hardin, at home in comic books or on book covers.

A drawing of SkyBoy with a gunSkyBoy W-Gun

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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