Cut-Out Panels: Art by Nippy Blair

An artwork with a carved human figure on a bicycleRhoda Roundtree, mixed media on wood

Nippy Blair is an artist based in the southern United States. In his practice, Nippy creates layered artworks made from cut-out panels of painted wood. Affixed together into wall-hanging images and sculptures, these artworks have a great sense of depth and volume.

A painting of a brightly-coloured catCalico Cat, acrylic and mixed media on canvas

I’m enjoying browsing through Nippy’s online art portfolio and seeing the different ways that he applies his unique way of creating artwork. I particularly like the artist’s compositions with animal figures -- the way that nippy presents these central figures in a vivid rainbow of colours is wonderfully eye-catching. The artist’s works would seem equally at home on gallery walls, or in a children’s classroom or playroom.

A screen capture of Nippy Blair's art


Nippy’s human figures are also highly expressive -- though the artist takes a more realistic approach to colour in these works, the figures themselves have a certain cartoonish exuberance about them, one that’s emphasized by the artist’s attention to detail in clothing, facial features, and other small elements.

A painted fence carved into the shape of an alligatorfolk art alligator, painted fence board

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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