Studio Sunday: Milla Eastwood

A photo of Milla Eastwood working in her studio


This week’s Studio Sunday artist is Milla Eastwood. Eastwood is an artist based in Brixton, London, known for abstract paintings that use a bright and varied colour palette. The artist’s works often incorporate not only planes of bright colour and occasional line-art, but pieces of painted canvas that have been cut and pasted in a collage-like fashion.


Seeing the artist sitting on the floor like this gives me the impression that Eastwood is very hands-on in her studio practice. Artists like Samara Golden have also been pictured working in this manner. Golden’s studio, like Eastwood’s, almost seems to be oriented to accommodate this type of work.


In Eastwood’s studio, strips of what looks like canvas, foam, paper, and other painted materials sit in a pile in front of the artist. I wonder if Eastwood is building up a composition out of these pieces, or if they’re discarded elements from other works that will later be used in another application. The above photograph doesn’t show much of the studio as a whole, but it gives the impression that Eastwood’s studio is a place of wide and varied experimentation, kind of like the studio space of Jesse Darling.


Eastwood’s paintings tend to utilize negative space, with pieces of painted canvas and planes of colour applied to a larger, mono or dichromatic background. The artist works in an intuitive style, not necessarily referencing any outside stimulus, but rather applying colour and shape to the canvas as it speaks to her.

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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