A Portfolio of Custom Lighting Fixtures by Odell Golomb

A hand-made crystal and glass lampLabradorite & Selenite, brass, selenite, rose quartz, raw quartz cluster, polished labaradorite and hematite

Odell Golomb is a glass artist based in Israel, who uses her glasswork talents to create beautiful custom lighting fixtures. Odell’s light fixtures are produced with an awareness toward the therapeutic qualities of crystal.

Two pyrite-based lighting fixturesPiryte Lighting Fixture, brass, glass and raw stones (left: pyrite, tangerine; right: pyrite, calcite)

I really enjoy the way that Odell combines glass and crystal in her fixtures. It’s interesting to see the parallels and contrasts between these natural and man-made forms. Both glass and crystal have an organic, biological feel to them, and the way Odell works the glass seems to emphasize the beauty in imperfection and randomness. The fixtures are designed to allow light to diffuse through the glass and onto the crystals below, creating a beautifully warm aura.

A screen capture of the Odell Lighting Designs websiteOdell's portfolio website


In her wall-hanging chandeliers, Odell demonstrates great attention to detail, packing each fixture with numerous crystal formations, beads, and custom-made glass elements. The pieces cast a light that’s filtered through many different colours and textures, for an extraordinary result.

A wall-hanging chandelier made from glass and crystalsSpontaneous Calcite, fused glass with aluminum brass and crystals:
pink transparent calcite, honey calcite, orange calcite, peridot, smoky quartz, green phantom quartz

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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