Rocky Landscapes: The Art Portfolio of Bob Spille

A painting of a landscape near Sedona, ArizonaEveryone's Sedona, oil on gesso board


Bob Spille is a plein air painter who grew up in Minnesota and is now based in Colorado. The artists works are often inspired by the rocky landscapes in which Bob spends most of his time, and celebrate the beauty of dramatic natural formations.

A painting depicting a Grand Canyon vistaEvening at the Canyon, oil on canvas

I love the way Bob captures the hard planes and angles of cliffs, canyons, and other rock formations in his paintings. In his gallery of Arizona landscapes, the artist utilizes an impressively far-reaching colour palette to depict features of the landscape at varying times of day and in varying light. Yellow and orange hues create the warm look of daytime, while blues and purples serve to capture the dramatic tones of dusk. These bright hues remind me of some paintings by Cecilia Lea.

A screen capture of Bob Spille's art websiteBob's art portfolio website,


Bob’s Colorado landscapes tend to focus more on trees and bodies of water -- birch trees are rendered gesturally, with shocks of bright green and orange standing in for leaves. Even in these images, mountains and cliffs are ever present, looming proudly in Bob’s painted backgrounds.

A painting of a mountainous landscape covered in snowMid Winter Morning, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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