The Abstract and Figurative Sculpture Portfolio of Felix Laguna

A sculpture consisting of wood ringsUntitled

Felix Laguna is a sculptor originally from Habana Vieja, Cuba. In his artistic practice, Felix creates works of abstract and figurative sculpture, using wood and stone as a medium.

A sculpture of a female torso in woodSHE IS, mahogany wood


Looking through Felix’s online art portfolio, I find it interesting to see how consistent the artist’s style remains across these two different mediums. Felix tends to favour the female figure in his representational sculptures, often creating partial nudes and using figurative or bodily elements in other, more abstracted forms. Similar forms can be seen in Felix’s wood and sculpture galleries, allowing the unique qualities of the material to come to the forefront.

A screen capture of Felix Laguna's art portfolio websiteFelix's portfolio website,


I quite enjoy Felix’s abstract sculptures -- many of these works take the form of hollowed-out, intersecting rings. The undulating, organic forms of these rings make them seem somehow tactile and belie the rigid nature of his sculptural materials. There’s a sense of movement and flow that draws the eye over the entirety of the sculptures, reminiscent of fluid forms in other portfolios like that of Larry Scaturro.

A white stone sculpture of a harp with female figural elementsUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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