A Portfolio of Stained Glass Windows by John Boyd

A stained glass window in the style of a Celtic weaveCeltic Weave Window, clear glass with textures

John Boyd is a glass artist based in Burlington, Vermont. In his artistic practice, John creates stained glass windows and wall-hanging art pieces that utilize abstract texture and colour, as well as depicting a wide range of figurative subjects.

A small stained glass hanging depicting a sailboatWhite Racer


I really enjoy John’s figurative stained glass works -- throughout his portfolio, the artist tends to focus on a strong central figure, building up a simple background of stained glass panels around that figure. The artist’s pet portraits are reminiscent of glasswork by Kevyn Cundiff, while some of his abstract pieces call to mind pieces by Jewelweed Studios.

A screen capture of John Boyd's stained glass art websiteJohn's art portfolio website, www.sailingglass.com


I’m impressed by the way that John is able to maintain his own unique style, even when he’s working with a client on a custom commission. The artist also produces stained glass lampshades, which demonstrate the delicate beauty of stained glass in a three-dimensional format.

A lamp with a stained-glass shadeBlue Circle Lamp, lamp with stained glass shade and cast iron plumbing

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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