Odd Sensations: The Art Portfolio of Nina Dell'Orto

A dark, heavy abstracted painting in oil on linenA Look Inside the Mysteries, oil on linen


Nina Dell’Orto is a painter from Brooklyn, New York. The artist works in an abstract style, utilizing figurative elements in novel combinations and creating artworks that are evocative of odd sensations and strange dreams.

An oil painting with figurative elements like a floating eyePer Chance the Eye, oil on linen


The artist’s Unspoken Creations series contains works that utilize imagery ranging from geometric elements, to disjointed human figures, floating eyes, and disembodied arms. I really enjoy the textural elements in these works -- the artist’s use of oil paint on linen creates planes of colour over which brush marks and slight shifts in hue are very visible, creating a pastel or marker-like aesthetic.

A screen capture of Nina Dell'Orto's Unspoken Creations art portfolio websitewww.unspokencreations.org


Colour, combined with the semi-abstracted imagery, seems to have a particular meaning in Nina’s works. Looking through the artist’s portfolio, I get the sense that each painting is imbued with a deeper symbolism and message, though that meaning may, in the end, be entirely up to the viewer.

A painting with an abstract figure and reference to the night skyAdornment for the Sky, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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