Inspired by Her Travels: The Art Portfolio of Maryam Vancouver

A painting of a vase of bright flowersSpring Flowers, acrylic on canvas

Maryam Vancouver is a Persian artist who lived in Germany before moving to Canada. The artist’s works are largely inspired by her travels around the world, and her experimentation with a wide range of different media and regional art practices.

A painting of a woman in bright, saturated colourOcean Side Monalisa, acrylic on canvas


Maryam has a gestural, colourful painting style that hearkens to art movements of the past, as well as imagery by her contemporary peers. The artist’s florals seem to celebrate the swirling, organic curvature of petals and leaves, with blooms that seem to melt into one another on the plane of the canvas.

A screen capture of Maryam Vancouver's art portfolio


In her figurative works, Maryam plays with pose and planes of colour, creating images that are partially abstracted, and sometimes seem to reference portrait painting by cubist artists like Picasso. In these works, the artist’s vibrant colour palette becomes not only a method of building up volume, but also of projecting a mood and atmosphere.

A painting of a vase of flowers in pink huesPink love, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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