Rural Countryside: The Art Portfolio of Gary Nowlin

A painting of a back road through red treesBack Road to Lake Sam, Sam Rayburn Lake, Texas

Growing up in Texas, Gary Nowlin was often inspired by the rural landscapes he encountered on long drives. This sense of affinity for the rural countryside is clear in the artist’s current portfolio, where expansive landscape paintings abound.


A painting of still water reflecting tree rootsReflections on the San Gabriel, San Gabriel Trail, Georgetown, Texas


The texture of Gary’s paintings is oddly satisfying. The works are incredibly detailed and realistic, yet retain a slightly soft, painterly texture that gives the impression of old, faded photographs. There’s a definite sense of nostalgia in Gary’s works, that makes it seem as though the artist is painting scenes through a particular lens of experience.

A screen capture of Gary Nowlin's art portfolio websiteGary's portfolio website,


I find this soft texture evokes paintings by Claudette Webb. Gary’s paintings are also very atmospheric -- the way that the artist utilizes lighting feels deliberate, and thought out in every instance. Darkened skies over red and orange-hued fields build up a sense of foreboding; of a coming storm, while painted reflections on still water hint at unknown depths, both physical and conceptual.

A painting of a white farmhouse in texasWalburg Farm, Walburg Texas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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