Futuristic and Fantastic: The Art Portfolio of Andy Hoyos

A digital painting of a tattooed person with a lizard on their headSYLVIA and SASHA, digital painting, archival quality printing to high-gloss aluminum, acrylic painted birch wood panel and resin

Andy Hoyos was born in Los Angeles and is now based just outside of Seattle. As an artist, Andy favours a combination of digital and traditional media, creating intricate figurative paintings that blend futuristic and fantastic imagery.

A painting of a skeletal figure in a prayer positionFERAL ANGEL, acrylic paint on birch wood panel


I’m really impressed by the attention to detail in Andy’s artworks. His style varies somewhat throughout his portfolio, tailored toward either realistic, or slightly more abstracted and stylized subjects. Most of Andy’s works, though, are a combination of high realism and abstraction, and the artist often incorporates patterned elements, human bodies, and a mix of painted textures and volumes, to create images that evoke supernatural or mythological figures.

A screen capture of Andy Hoyos' art portfolio websitewww.andyhoyos.com


Andy’s method of moving his paintings from a digital format to the physical realm is also quite interesting. Many pieces begin as a digital painting, and are then reproduced on watercolour paper or high-gloss aluminum and affixed to birch panels.

A digital image of an eyeball inside the mask of a suit of armorBEHOLDER, digital painting, archival quality print to high-gloss aluminum, painted birch wood panel and resin

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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