Moody Compositions: The Art Portfolio of Clayton R. Jones

A painting of a stone monolithMonolith

Painter and mixed-media artist Clayton R. Jones creates dark, moody compositions that pack in an impressive amount of detail. Combining a variety of figurative subjects, Clayton creates images that are surreal and moody.

A dark painting of a seated figureHarlequin


In recent works, Clayton has been playing with abstraction, paring down his use of figurative elements to create paintings that capture a deep, dark mood. I like the wide, uneven planes of colour and brush marks in these works -- without a particular focal point of central figure, the viewer is cast into a sea of colour and vague form that’s both fascinating and foreboding.

The front page of Clayton R. Jones' art websiteClayton's art portfolio website,


It’s interesting to see how Clayton is able to translate this focus on emotion and tone into figurative works. In some pieces, fragmented figural aspects are layered together, the artist’s ghostly, gestural line-art calling to mind Francis Bacon. Even in landscape works, dark skies and skeletal tree branches create an engrossing atmosphere.

An abstract painting using earthy tones of orange and brownCorrupted

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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