The Art Portfolio of Watercolour Painter Linda Hanna

A watercolour painting of a cityscapeCity Shadows

Linda Hanna is a California-based watercolour painter with a background in interior design. In her paintings, the artist embraces a gestural, loose style that seems to work perfectly with the ethereal aspects of her chosen medium.

A watercolour painting of trees reflected on the waterReflections

I really appreciate the amount of colour that Linda is able to pack into each of her works -- even when painting subjects that don’t necessarily evoke a rainbow in the mind. Linda’s paintings of cityscapes and rows of buildings are just as vibrantly colourful as her paintings of floral bouquets and abstract subjects.

A screen capture of Linda Hannah's art websiteLinda's art portfolio website

Linda also paints in acrylic, and it’s interesting to see these works in her portfolio, standing next to her collection of watercolour paintings. The artist’s gestural style remains very consistent throughout both media, though the quick-drying, solid nature of acrylic paint allows Linda to build up a more tactile, textural feeling in her acrylic paintings.

A painting of a prickly pear cactusPrickly Pear

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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