A Portfolio of Baseball Art by Vincent Bova

A painting of a baseball player in actionUntitled

Vincent Bova has a varied background in art-related fields, and has had commercial success as a sketch artist for Topps baseball cards and memorabilia. The artist’s current portfolio showcases some of this baseball art, as well as some of the artist’s recent forays into other painted subject matter.

A painting of koi fish swimming in a pondUntitled, acrylic on canvas


It’s interesting to see the artist’s baseball paintings next to his Koi fish paintings. While the two subjects seem wildly different, there’s a sense of movement, and an approach to image making, that’s consistent throughout Vincent’s portfolio. Regardless of subject matter, all of Vincent’s paintings are imbued with a great sense of energy and vitality -- I really enjoy the colour palette that he uses in his Koi fish paintings, as well.

A screen capture of Vincent Bova's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Vincent's art portfolio website


In sketches, Vincent focuses a little more on fine detail, volume, and shading, taking advantage of the nature of the medium. Black and white drawings of baseball players capture a realistic, relatable expression on each figure, and lend a sense of humanity to every subject.

A sketch of a baseball playerUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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