A Portfolio of Plein Air and Florals by Kathleen Willingham

A painting of a house and a lush gardenWhitestone Garden, oil

Kathleen Willingham is a Virginia-based painter and pastel artist. Kathleen was drawn to art by abstract subject matter, and now paints abstractions as well as plein air and florals.

A bright abstract painting with blue and yellow tonesThrough the Chasms of my Mind, acrylic on paper


I enjoy the way Kathleen’s style lends itself to the practice of painting en plein air. The artist’s works are slightly gestural and impressionistic, capturing the lighting and overall mood and atmosphere of a space, focusing on strict detail only when necessary. Kathleen favours a true-to-life colour palette, depicting forested, natural landscapes, with the occasional architectural element.

A screen capture of Kathleen Willingham's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Kathleen's art portfolio website


In her floral paintings, Kathleen tightens up her style and leans into a more saturated colour palette. The works in her floral gallery are colour-forward and striking. Kathleen has a clear sense of colour theory, and how to bring elements of a painting forward to the viewer. In her abstractions, the artist uses a similarly vibrant colour palette, and explores the possibilities of form.

A painting of a wintery scene along a riverEarly March along the Rappahannock, oil

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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