A Sense of Spiritualism: The Art Portfolio of Catherine Emile

An abstract painting with purple and yellow tonesBittergreen, acrylic on canvas

Catherine Emile is an abstract painter from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Inspired by music, poetry, and a sense of spiritualism and introspection, Catherine creates paintings that embrace a variety of textures and mark-making techniques.

An abstract painting with deep red huesStill soft with sleep, acrylic on canvas


The artist’s recent works have a great sense of fluidity and movement -- long, heavy strokes of paint often appear more poured than directly applied, and I enjoy the sense in many of these works that the artist has taken a step back and allowed the paint to flow as it may. Catherine often tends toward rich, warm hues, and many of her pieces have a fairly cohesive colour palette -- rather than planes of different colours, the paintings appear as mottled textures of similar colours.

The front page of Catherine Emile's art portfolio websitewww.catherineemileart.com


It’s interesting to look at the works where Catherine does create well-defined shapes and planes, alongside these more fluid abstractions. In these works, the colour palette is more varied, and further-reaching, but the almost-uniform sizes of brush marks or shapes lends a sense of cohesion.

An abstract painting with defined brush marks in a variety of coloursHearts don't break around here, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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