Visual Experiments: The Photography Portfolio of Andy Humphrey

A photo of a parrot sitting on a branchUntitled

Andy Humphrey was born in Barbados, and is now based in Ohio. In his portfolio, Andy uses photography to document his life and home environment, as well as for visual experiments and vibrant photomanipulations.

A photograph of two well-dressed young menuntitled


Andy doesn’t shy away from saturated colour in his photography, and the bright, true-to-life colours in his photographs lend the works a frank, almost journalistic feeling. In some photographs, the subjects appear to be friends or family of the artist, and there’s a clear sense of comfort and intimacy in the corresponding works.

A screen capture of Andy Humphrey's art portfolio


In other pieces, Andy delves into the possibilities of digital painting and filters, creating photomanipulations reminiscent of the work of Adam Mayster. In these pieces, Andy sometimes pumps up the saturation for an almost psychedelic, abstract composition, and other times utilizes black and white techniques to bring out detail and texture in everyday scenes.

A digitally manipulated photo of some flowersUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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