Compositional Flow: The Art Portfolio of Ruby Lindner

An abstract painting incorporating elements of textBack to Basics: 123-ABC, acrylic on canvas

Ruby Lindner grew up in Colorado, and lived in Paris and Berlin before moving back to Seattle, where she began painting in the early 2000s. Ruby’s works are abstract, with a focus on colour and compositional flow.

An abstract oil painting with planes of warm coloursHowling Goat, oil on canvas


I really like the colour palettes that Ruby utilizes in her paintings. Each work contains a multitude of colourful, textural planes. The variety of shapes and planes of colour in each work don’t seem to compete with one another, but are rather organized to create a sense of cohesion and flow even with the wild variation in their form. This variety lends a great sense of energy to the works, and reminds me a bit of paintings by Noah N. J. Bowman.

The front page of Ruby Lindner's art portfolio


Like Noah, Ruby also produces some work in a wearable format, in the form of handmade scarves. The abstract paintings dyed onto these scarves emulate Ruby’s oil paintings, in which colours have an almost liquid sense of movement and flow.

A handmade scarf with an abstract colour designForgiveness, 63% silx 37% wool blend acid-dyed scarf

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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