Abstract Elements: The Art Portfolio of Patrick Harris

A sculpted wall in a gardenThe Wall

Patrick Harris is a painter and sculptor who creates work for his personal practice as well as for private commissions. Patrick’s sculptural works are highly textural and tactile, and often combine both figurative and abstract elements.

A relief sculpture of a sun worshipperUntitled


I’m really enjoying the works in Patrick’s series of Walls and Light Box Reliefs. The artist’s sculptural dividing walls make beautiful additions to gardens and yards, and utilize nature motifs like insects, bodies of water, and imagery of the sky and the moon. The texture of these pieces is really interesting as well -- Patrick builds up rough volumes that, along with the green, oxidized-copper colouration of the walls, lends each work a pleasant sense of weathering and age.

A screen capture of Patrick Harris' art portfolio websiteThe front page of Patrick's art website

In his recent works, Patrick has been exploring painted media. A series of abstractions, loosely depicting landscapes, creates an interesting atmosphere. Patrick utilizes a similar colour palette of cool, greenish hues, and highlights the works with warm, orangey tones to create the suggestion of a full moon, casting light on spindly trees.

A painting of an abstracted landscapeProgressive Landscape I, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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