Cape Cod Ornamentals: An Art Portfolio by Randi Evans

A painting of a horse with a wide borderWonder

Randi Evans splits her time between Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and Spokane, Washington. In her studio practice, Cape Cod Ornamentals, Randi produces works of painting and jewelry that take an exploratory, experimental approach to colour, form, and composition.

A solid wood bracelet decorated with Henna designsHenna Bracelet 105, solid wood bangle hand decorated with henna and gotlone, Swarovski crystals


I’m really enjoying browsing through Randi’s jewelry gallery. The artist has created a series of solid wood bangles decorated with henna, beads, and other media. The resulting pieces of jewelry are quite striking, with a visually pleasing combination of warmth from natural wood, and sparkling detail from the various beads and metallic accents used.

A screen capture of the front page of Cape Cod OrnamentalsThe front page of Randi's website, Cape Cod Oranmentals


In her painting practice, Randi favours equine subject matter. Her Equine Art portfolio gallery is packed with detailed oil paintings of horses, and the artist’s delicate brush marks and blended, smooth painting style lend a sense of flowing grace to each image. Randi also produces oil paintings of other subjects, exploring a more stylized, cartoonish approach in other series.

A stylized oil painting of a catunnamed, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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