The Art Portfolio of Illustrator Rick Guidice

An illustration of a space-faring probeUntitled

Illustrator Rick Guidice specializes in creating visual artwork of landscapes and plein air subject matter, as well as designs for materials released by NASA. The artist’s illustrations, spanning several decades, are created using watercolours and oil paints.

An illustration of craters on a distant planetUntitled


I adore Guidice’s NASA illustrations -- created mostly in the 1960s through 1980s, these images hail from a time when space exploration had an almost mythical presence in North American consciousness, and Guidice’s carefully composed yet exuberant images seem to capture that sense of wonder. The artist renders shining metallic components of probes and equipment with equal care and skill as the surfaces of planets and vast expanses of space.


In his terrestrial pursuits, Guidice is a seasoned plein air painter, producing beautiful landscape works in both oil and watercolour. The artist utilizes each different medium to its fullest extent, capturing delicate detail in watercolour, and softer, more impressionistic views in oil.

A painting of the exterior of a sunny villaUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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