A Portfolio of Pen and Ink Drawings by Isis Fisher

A detailed pen and ink drawing of a mythical goddessEternal Goddess (detail)

Isis Fisher creates intricate pen and ink drawings that explore repeating patterns, while resolving those patterns into figures both recognizable and alien. Many of the artist’s works incorporate spiritual or mythological imagery, lending a sense of meditative reverence to the dizzying patterns.

An abstracted drawing of a figure emerging from a celestial doorwayShadow Walking, ink on paper


I’m really impressed by the level of detail in each of Isis’ works. The artist creates marks on a micro scale compared the image as a whole, making for a rewarding viewing experience. It’s easy to get lost in the minutiae of these works, though zooming out always produces a beautiful, polished image. I also enjoy the use of negative space in these works -- mostly made in black and white, Isis relies on the space between marks to build up volume and a sense of energy.

A screen capture of Isis Fisher's art portfolio websitewww.isisfisherart.com


In her colour paintings, Isis uses a similar style, but seems to focus a bit more on the image as a whole, building patterns using fragmented figural elements -- bits of faces, body parts, and even animal forms. Colour lends a very different feel to these works, but the overall aesthetic is still one that invites a closer look.

A painting combining faces and figures from animals and humansEverything I see is a part of me

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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