The Painting Portfolio of Kyle Heinly

A painting made primarily with yellow hues and sketch-style figures...all the chaos beautiful

Kyle Heinly is an artist who works in paint and mixed media, producing images that explore the limits of figurative painting while expressing a unique abstracted style. The artist’s paintings explore a wide range of subjects in a style that remains impressively cohesive in its wildness.

A painting of several geometric marks that could form a faceUntitled


Kyle’s gallery of originals contains numerous examples of the artist’s style. Browsing through these images, I see the potential influences of cubism, abstraction, surrealism, and expressionism among other historic artistic styles. Even still, Kyle’s painting exist in a thoroughly contemporary realm, channelling the work of illustrators like Joey Feldman, or abstract painters like Noah NJ Bowman.

The front page of Kyle Heinly's art websiteKyle's artist portfolio website,


The artist’s human figures are especially fascinating, in my opinion. I like the way that Kyle reduces these figures down to their barest essentials, giving the viewer a framework for interpreting each image while also allowing plenty of space for individual interpretation and symbolism.

A painting of a cityscape produced in red huescityscape at dusk

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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