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A stone painted to look like a bust of a manLe gars

Marc Brisson grew up in Ontario and made a career as a teacher, imparting theatre and visual art knowledge to the next generation. In 2014, Marc set up his own private art studio, where he continues to produce artwork in a range of media.

An image with faces digitally imposed on a rocky outcroppingProfile


I really enjoy Mark’s work with rocks -- in one series, the artist paints directly on rocks, turning small, rounded stones into almost sculptural busts with faces that take their shape from the natural curvature of the stone. In another series, Rockfaces, the artist uses a digital technique to superimpose painted faces onto photos of rocky outcroppings around the Ontario landscape. This series of works is a fascinating exercise in exploring the human tendency to project faces onto inanimate objects -- each jagged plane of stone seems imbued with its own rich personality.

The front page of Marc Brisson's art portfolio websiteMarc's art portfolio website


Marc’s sketches serve as yet another insight into the artist’s fascination with faces. Many of the works in this series are portraits, simple and brief in composition, but full of distinctive, angular visages, each with a clear personhood.

A sketch of a face in multicoloured marksglare

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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