Illustrative Styles: The Art Portfolio of Jordan Woodard

A piece of concept art for a war storyThe Rejects -- Squad

Jordan Woodard is an illustrator and aspiring comic book artist based in Texas. Jordan’s current portfolio features examples of a wide variety of illustrative styles, including comic pages and panels, storyboards, and character sketches.

An image of a science-fiction figure in an interior settingTenkaichi's Lair

I like the amount of energy that Jordan packs into each of his drawings -- the artist cites his interest in science fiction, martial arts, and war stories as a source of inspiration for the majority of his drawings. The imagery in Jordan’s portfolio hints at and references a variety of styles and inspirations, from comics, to film, to television.

The front page of Jordan Woodard's art portfolio websiteJordan's portfolio website,


The energy that’s captured in Jordan’s drawings comes out especially in his storyboard work. The slightly simplified figures and focus on blocking herein reminds me of work by fellow storyboard artist Hendrik Gericke, and showcases the intended movement of dynamic characters and objects. Jordan’s concept artworks, likewise, showcase an eye for future movement and dynamism.

The cover image for a comic with war and science-fiction themesThe Rejects -- Cover Page

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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