Nature's Hues: An Art Portfolio by Laurie Flaherty

A painting of a close-up view of a bromeliad plantCurve, oil on panel

Laurie Flaherty is a Connecticut-based artist who uses her artistic practice to capture and immortalize the stunning patterns and colours found in nature. Laurie’s artworks usually take plants and animals as their subjects, showcasing the beauty and variety in nature’s hues.


A simplified painting of a bromeliad plantCedar Green Radiant, oil on canvas

I really adore Laurie’s painting series of bromeliads. The plants in this family have thick leaves and petals that are often reminiscent of succulents, though in blossom-bright colours and patterns. Seen up-close and in true-to-life detail in Laurie’s portfolio, these plants carry with them an alien, prehistoric aesthetic that’s both beautiful and scientifically fascinating. In one series, Laurie uses a slightly more minimalist style, focusing on bright monochromes and simplified volumes, whereas in the other, she showcases her skill at photorealistic detail, to great effect.

A screen capture of Laurie Flaherty's art portfolio websiteLaurie's portfolio website,


Laurie’s paintings of birds seem to take a slightly more gestural approach, which strikes me as perfectly suited to a subject in motion. Laurie captures the colours and patterns of a variety of different birds while her slightly loose brush marks produce a neat motion-blur effect.

A painting of a hummingbird in flightArise, oil on panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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