The Paint and Mixed Media Portfolio of Erik Thorkildson

An acrylic painting of jellyfish on a black backgroundNocturnal Jellyfish, acrylic on canvas

Erik Thorkildson is an artist based in Los Angeles. In his portfolio, Erik uses acrylic paint and mixed media to explore the possibilities of colour, texture, and line.  

An abstract acrylic painting with a white background and blue-green shapesuntitled, acrylic on canvas

I enjoy the combination of abstraction and figuration in Erik’s works. In many paintings, the artist seems to utilize abstraction as a method of creating form. Elongated, many-tendrilled shapes hearken to leaves or root systems, while in other paintings smooth, bulbous volumes speak of alien landscapes. The artist’s use of colour provides an interesting backdrop for these formal executions -- Erik’s paintings often focus on a pattern of complementary colours, or on tints and shades of a single hue.

A screen capture of Erik Thorkildson's art portfolio


Erik also sometimes creates drawings, in ink and other mixed media. These works tend toward a more recognizable sense of figure, with a focus on abstraction through pattern and line art. As a whole, the artist’s portfolio expresses an experimentative practice, with an eye toward the new and unknown.

A drawing of a hand holding up a pink flowersilver lining, mixed media on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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