A Sense of Play: The Art Portfolio of Kathryn Howard

An illustration of children playing pirate ship on bunk bedsBunk Pirates

Kathryn Howard produces bright, kid-friendly illustrations that often utilize a simple, impactful colour palette in combination with sketchy line art. Each work seems to embody a sense of play and experimentation.

An illustration of two children hunting bugsBug Hunt


I really appreciate the use of colour in Kathryn’s artworks. As I mentioned above, each image seems to focus on, if not a single hue, then a dominant hue over the entire composition. The colours that Kathryn gravitates toward are often slightly white-tinted -- pinks, light greens and pale blues. There’s something inviting about these palettes. They project a sense of calm friendliness without ever seeming boring. The artist rarely uses a flat plane of colour, instead creating textured areas with overlapping coloured lines and scribbles.

A screen capture of Kathryn Howard's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Kathryn's art portfolio website


The figures in Kathryn’s images are usually children, sometimes animals, and portrayed in the midst of a variety of activities. I enjoy the way Kathryn balances a sense of movement with a slightly simplified, cartoonish style.

An illustration of animals playing in a kitchenPlay Kitchen

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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