A Poetry Portfolio by Mary K. O'Melveny

A sample from a poem about a cherry treeThirteen Ways of Looking at a Cherry Tree (excerpt)

Mary K. O’Melveny is a poet based between Washington, D.C., and Woodstock, New York. Mary’s background is as a labour rights lawyer, and her poetry often concerns current events and discussions pertinent to the social, economical, and political climate.

An excerpt from a poem about the colour greenGreen is a Primary Color (excerpt)

I enjoy the way that Mary’s poems shift from an easy, conversational tone into one of beautifully constructed verse, and back again. Each poem seems to guide the reader gently into an important conversation, not beginning it abruptly but instead drawing the reader in and encouraging thoughtful participation and interaction. The subject matter of Mary’s poems varies, though a common theme seems to be meditations on everyday life and the current moment, and how those moments thread together into a more connected whole.

The front page of Mary K. O'Melveny's art portfolio websitewww.marykomelvenypoet.com


Mary’s poems demonstrate a great meeting point between introspection and outward awareness. The result is poetry that’s accessible without ever pandering, and important without feeling daunting.

An excerpt from a poem about grief and mourningIn Memoriam (excerpt)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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