A Portfolio of Meditative and Energizing Art by Kate Barton

A painting of a brightly coloured elephantUntitled

Artist Kate Barton paints figures with a blend of abstract pattern and psychedelic colour, creating images that are equal parts meditative and energizing. The artist’s portfolio is packed with images of animals, human subjects, and cityscapes.

A painting of an elephant with brightly coloured line artUntitled


I like seeing Kate’s works grouped into different series on her website. The artist often tackles a singular figurative subject in multiple paintings, producing works that offer different angles and interpretations of that subject. In Kate’s elephant paintings, for example, a portrait of an elephant appears across several canvases, each one seeing the elephant’s ears taking on different colourful patterns and shapes. Kate’s use of these bright designs often reminds me of work by Amber Petersen, where neon shades and heavy, black silhouettes play across the painted surface.

The front page of Kate Barton's art portfolio websiteKate's art portfolio website, www.warpaintkate.com


I enjoy Kate’s City Art gallery especially -- the works in this series each project a dreamlike vision of a different city. Some of the scenes are fantastic and alien, while others are almost recognizable, albeit presented in a much more vibrant light.

A painting of a cityscape at night made with abstract formsUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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