A Portfolio of Logos and Poster Designs by Edward Lum

A logo design for a farm based in CaliforniaLogo design

Edward Lum is a designer and illustrator who specializes in logos and poster designs. The artist’s current portfolio merges modern brands with a classic “Americana” aesthetic and bright, simplified graphics.

A poster design for a brewing companyPoster design

Edward’s gallery of posters has a very cohesive aesthetic -- it’s interesting to browse through this series and see the wide variety of different clients and industries that these works have been produced for. The majority of Edward’s posters focus on bright, clean, attention-grabbing imagery with minimal text. Often, a central figure or central figures are the focus, with the angle of the picture frame sometimes skewed to create a sense of movement and flow.

A screen capture of Edward Lum's art portfolio websitewww.misterlum.com


The artist’s logos draw from a similar aesthetic sensibility, though here Edward showcases his talents in a further reaching variety of styles. Some logos utilize fairly realistic painting techniques, while others are focused on geometric letterforms. Edward tailors the aesthetics of each logo to suit the brand.

A poster design for public transitPoster design

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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