Textural Scenes: The Art Portfolio of Sandra Martin

A painting of a wave crashing on the beachWavewatch 12, mixed media on canvas

Sandra Martin is a painter and mixed media artist from Ontario. In her practice, the artist creates dramatic, textural scenes often focusing on water, sky, and the intersection of the two.

A mixed media painting of a cloudscapeSmoky Blue Sunset, mixed media on canvas

In our previous features of Sandra’s paintings, we looked at the artist’s paintings of ocean and wave formations, and water lilies. It’s interesting to see the consistencies in the artist’s chosen subjects, both in terms of style and conceptual symmetry. At the same time, I appreciate the way that the artist tailors her brush marks and the energy of the painting to suit each subject. Her wave paintings, for example, feel bombastic and barely contained, while the water lily images are more subdued and precise.

A screen capture of Sandra Martin's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Sandra's art portfolio website


Some of Sandra’s older paintings bring architecture and man-made structures into the mix. In the series Into Thin Air, the artist utilizes layered, translucent cloud-like formations to represent the mind, juxtaposing these ethereal forms with the concrete structures of bridges and roads. I’m interested to see more of what Sandra has been up to in her recent practice!

A painting of a concrete tunnel with other textural elements addedTunnel, mixed media on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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