The Watercolour Art Portfolio of Sophie Blouet

A watercolour portrait of a young manJT, watercolour on paper

Sophie Blouet, also known as BLOUET, is a watercolour painter currently based in California. In her portfolio, Sophie demonstrates great skill and precision with a medium that lends itself to a gestural, impressionistic approach.

A watercolour painting of a man on a horseAux courses, Beaver 1, watercolour on paper


As we saw in our previous feature of Sophie’s detailed, gestural watercolours, the artist’s practice spans decades and a wide range of subject matter. As always, I’m impressed by Sophie’s ability to effortlessly switch between subjects ranging from still life to landscape to the human figure.

The front page of Sophie Blouet's watercolour and oil painting


The medium of watercolour often demands careful placement of each brush mark, rendering each moment when brush meets paper quite visible to the viewer. Sophie plays this aspect of the medium to her advantage -- in maritime paintings, for example, these visible brush marks form the waves on a choppy ocean. In her genre gallery, the different values of each stroke help to make fabric appear realistically folded, and the bodies of horses appear muscular and three-dimensional. I look forward to seeing more of what Sophie has been working on recently!

A watercolour painting of a bottle of ink and a brushEncrier, watercolour on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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