Cultural Meanings: The Art Portfolio of Morgan Wedderspoon

An image from a scanned and printed book of found objectsSurface Reader 5, woodcut, digital print

Morgan Wedderspoon is an artist who works in installation, assemblage, printmaking, and other media. In her practice, Morgan explores the nature of, and connections between, various found objects, applying these objects and their cultural meanings to the greater sphere of human existence.

A print of found objects on a black backgroundGIVE UP AND PARTY, inkjet print, screenprint


I like the way that Morgan combines various disciplines in her practice. The artist’s works often encompass themes from fine art as well as from biology, anthropology, and other academic disciplines. The objects that the artist gathers, collected in gallery installations, come together to form fine art pieces as collectives, yet still retain some semblance of an individual identity. Each of Morgan's works provides numerous jumping-off points for discussion.

A screen capture of the front page of Morgan Wedderspoon's art portfolio

The artist’s recent work GIVE UP AND PARTY addresses the growing climate change crisis by responding to reactions posited in Margaret Atwood book. The work takes the form of an artist’s book titled FIGHT/SURRENDER, and a series of inkjet prints that frame found detritus in an ominous light.

A photo of an artist's book containing cut-out textFIGHT/SURRENDER, hand-bound photocopied book with screenprinted cover

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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