The Art Portfolio of Paul de Guzman

An abstract artwork made with a newspaper page painted overWhen Fiction Follows Fact -- Skeletons in the Closet, newspaper, ink, stickers, reflectors, Kromekote silver foil paper

Paul de Guzman is a conceptual artist based between Manila, in the Philippines, and Vancouver, Canada. In his artistic practice, Paul uses various materials and aesthetics to explore social and cultural constructs including language, architecture, and media.

An artwork made with a newspaper partly obscured by mixed mediaWhen Fiction Follows Fact -- Home is where the art is, newspaper, ink, stickers, reflectors, Kromekote silver foil paper


I’m really interested in Paul’s recent series When Fiction Follows Fact. The works in this series take the form of newspaper pages from the Canada’s The Globe and Mail that have been painted over and edited to omit names of people and places in articles. The images surrounding the articles have also been covered up with black planes and abstract geometric shapes. The resulting works are both disturbing in their sense of redacting important information, and somehow playful in their use of bright colours and shapes.

A screen capture of the front page of Paul de Guzman's art portfolio


This tension between play and deeply serious subject matter comes up frequently throughout Paul’s portfolio. In our previous feature of Paul’s works with transient objects and social constructions, we saw the way that Paul often merges artistic concepts with the framing and aesthetics of advertising, making for a fascinatingly disjointed experience.

An artwork made with an obscured page from a newspaperWhen Fiction Follows Fact -- Vanity Dare, newspaper, ink, stickers, reflectors, Kromekote silver foil paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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