Sacred Places: The Art Portfolio of Jon Harris

A painting of a crystalline architectural structureThe Emerald Palace of Dreams, acrylic on canvas

Jon Harris is a San Francisco-based painter who specializes in geometric landscapes, depicting dreamlike, spiritually-infused spaces. Through the use of clean, straight lines, impeccable perspective and a bright colour palette, the artist imagines sacred places.

An acrylic painting of a pink crystal in a lotus shapeCrystal Lotus, acrylic on canvas

I adore the sense of three-dimensional space that Jon creates in each of his works. Even seeing these works as images on a computer screen, I get the sense that I could almost reach into the picture plane and inhabit the space that Jon has created. The artist imbues each of his works with a specific, symbolic visual language, using forms like The Pyramid, The Altar, and The Crystal Lotus to denote distinct spiritual and introspective aspects.

A screen capture of Jon Harris' art portfolio


In addition to his personal practice, Jon has produced painted installations for a variety of spaces including an apartment building and a Kansas civic building. It’s fascinating to see how the artist’s paintings function in an existing three-dimensional space, and how Jon works to create a sense of play and cohesion between the geometry of his paintings and that of a room.

An installation view of several of Jon Harris' paintings in a cornerSan Francisco Interior

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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