Print Techniques: The Art Portfolio of Tim Van Ginkel

An abstract print with subdued shades of greyIWF-10, serial monoprint, lithography

Tim Van Ginkel is an artist currently based in Rhode Island. In his practice, Tim specializes in printmaking, using various print techniques to build images that focus on layered, abstracted figures, subdued earth tones, and negative space.

An artwork with small abstract marks on a pale backgroundUntitled


I really enjoy the sense of cohesion in Tim’s art portfolio. Though each work is distinct, and the artist has produced several series, each focusing on a clear visual theme, Tim maintains a unique and identifiable style throughout his body of work. There’s something peaceful, almost meditative about many of these works -- though the artist often utilizes dark colours and heavy textures, the use of abstract forms floating on neutral backgrounds invites contemplation.

The front page of Tim Van Ginkel's art portfolio websiteTim's art portfolio website,

In our previous feature of Tim’s work, we explored the artist’s use of earthy colours and abstract shapes in his newest series of works. The emphasis in this series is on organic forms and colours. I look forward to seeing how Tim’s practice has evolved further in recent years!

A print made with different textures on a saturated red backgroundPopulation Dynamics - 1, lithograph, monotype, etching

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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