The Portfolio of Artist, Poet, and Animateur Allison Rennie

A photo of an art piece made with various collaged elementsPigeon Eye View (detail)

Allison Rennie is an artist, poet, and animateur who works with people in her practice, helping individuals and groups of all ages discover new ways of navigating through their own experiences.

A photo of a milkweed pod in close upMilkweed Pod


I appreciate the way that Allison’s artistic practice is intertwined with her workshops and teaching materials. There’s a thread of spiritual and personal awareness that runs deeply through each section of the artist’s portfolio. As we saw in our previous feature of Allison’s work with esoteric guidance, the artist often seems to use poetry and bookmaking as ways to facilitate deeper thought or new ways of seeing.

The front page of Allison Rennie's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Allison's art portfolio website


In previous work, Allison has explored the use of maps as a way of looking at one’s thought patterns, goals, and activities. I wonder if this is a technique that appears in the artist’s workshops, as well. I look forward to seeing what Allison has been producing in recent years!

A photo of a map made with a variety of media and processesMap 2: Blue Heron Time, wax resist rubbing, painting, Japanese brush work, hand dying, stamping, sewing on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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