The Encaustic Media Art Portfolio of Lisa Printz

An abstract composition made with wax and collaged elementsUntitled, encaustic collage on cradle board

Artist Lisa Printz works in painting, pastel, and encaustic media, creating works ranging from impressionistic landscapes to animal portraits to textured abstractions. Lisa has a background in art education, and made the transition to being a full-time artist in 2015.

An artwork made with encaustic and collaged elementsUntitled, encaustic collage on board


I’m really enjoying Lisa’s recent works in encaustic. Combining the wax medium with paint and collaged elements, the artist creates unique abstract compositions that exist as both two and three-dimensional art objects. The works have a wonderfully smooth texture, with enough tactile elements to invite close, careful examination. I also enjoy how cohesive these works are as a series -- for each one, Lisa uses a 6-inch square cradled board, allowing for pure exploration of the medium on a uniform substrate.

The front page of Lisa Printz' art portfolio


It’s interesting to view these works in the context of Lisa’s overall portfolio, as well. The artist’s work in pastel and oil paint take a similar approach to composition, using a loose, gestural style to build up a variety of images.

A collage made with encaustic wax and other materialsUntitled, encaustic collage on board

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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