A Portfolio of Pop-Art Inspired Images by Stephen Middleton

An acrylic painting of boats docked near a clubhouseNovember at the Vancouver Rowing Club, acrylic on canvas

Stephen Middleton is a Vancouver-based artist specializing in acrylic painting. In his practice, the artist creates vivid, pop-art inspired images that showcase scenes from around Vancouver, as well as portraiture and text.

A stylized portrait of a woman's face in close-upMyria Le Noir, acrylic on canvas


In our previous feature of Stephen’s work, we looked at the artist’s use of graphic planes of colour. I love how Stephen builds up three-dimensional shadow and volume using colour in different values and clearly delineated shapes. The works present their subjects in realistic proportion, while simplifying the details slightly to offer a clean, sleek texture.

The front page of Stephen Middleton's art portfolio websitewww.stephenmiddleton.com


In other recent works, like Joan, Stephen uses a blend of acrylic, oil pastel, and inkjet printing to create a more densely textural image. The resulting image has a darker, more imposing mood, and the blended shadows invite closer examination. I look forward to seeing more of what Stephen has been working on in recent years!

A dark painting of a woman textured with linesJoan, inkjet print, acrylic, and oil pastel on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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