Portraits of Houses: The Art Portfolio of Joel David Abramson

A watercolour painting of a house in MinneapolisNorth Minneapolis House, watercolour

Joel David Abramson is an artist and illustrator trained in both fine arts and graphic design. In his professional artistic practice, Joel specializes in portraits of houses and other real-estate properties, often creating the works on commission.

A black and white drawing of a houseRamsey Hill


I’m quite charmed by Joel’s architectural illustrations. The artist works in watercolour, graphite, and ink, creating portraits both in colour and black and white. Joel’s watercolour pieces, while finely detailed, offer a bright and holistic look at a property, while graphite and black ink invite focus on the complex lines and angles of a construction.

The front page of Joel David Abramson's art portfolio websiteJoel's art portfolio website, www.house-illustrations.com


Of course, Joel doesn’t restrict himself only to architecture. The artist’s portfolio is packed with examples of more traditional portraiture, abstraction, and even photography. I’m quite fond of Joel’s abstractions -- here the artist seems to utilize his eye for angles and three-dimensional shapes, building up patterns and dreamlike images that have tactile volume and weight.

An abstract image made with numerous grey three-dimensional shapesGrey City

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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