The Art Portfolio of Vicki Beamish

A painting of a root system sticking out of a body of waterKim's Snag, oil on canvas

Vicki Beamish is a British Columbia-based oil painter. In her practice, the artist enjoys creating paintings that focus on the details of vast landscapes, depicting small bodies of water, fallen trees, and sometimes animals with a sense of reverence.

A long vertical painting of a green landscapeNaramata Falls, oil on canvas


Vicki’s paintings are impressively detailed and realistic. As was addressed in our previous feature of Vicki’s sweeping landscapes, I love the way the artist captures lighting on different surfaces, from the rippled waters of a pond, to the many odd angles and volumes of a cliff face. No matter what the subject, looking at one of Vicki’s paintings allows the viewer to step into the landscape it depicts.

A screen capture of Vicki Beamish' art portfolio


The artist also does a great job of capturing textures and temperatures. In many works, it seems that each individual blade of grass is rendered with equal care and attention, lending a perfect sense of realism to a field or forest scene. The artist’s skies -- sometimes pale blue, sometimes fiery, saturated orange, tell a story about the time and place where an image was captured.

A painting of several large rocks in the oceanOffshore, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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