Professional Looks: The Portfolio of Stylist Karen Kleber

An actress styled by Karen Kleber for a magazine spreadTalia Balsam for Angeleno Magazine

Stylist Karen Kleber works with clients in fashion, music, advertising, and other industries all over the world. In her practice, Karen creates polished, professional looks, shifting easily between red-carpet glamour and functional, everyday clothing.

A photo of a woman standing in front of a window in a large red coatUntitled


I like the way that Karen tailors her styles to both the context -- whether that be an advertising video, a gala, or a magazine shoot -- and to the individual or individuals in question. While browsing through Karen’s style portfolio, it’s nice to be able to see how the artist balances her own personal style preferences with the preferences of her clients, and the demands of a certain event or shoot.

The front page of Karen Kleber's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Karen's style portfolio website


In our previous feature of Karen’s sleek and modern styles, we looked at the way the artist uses colour strategically. Even in glamorous, red-carpet styles, Karen tends toward minimal makeup and relies on one or two colour-saturated items, adhering to an aesthetic that’s simple but never boring.

A photo of a singer dressed in a white shirtHarmony Keeney

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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