The Art Portfolio of Carly Jaye

A painting of the cast of SeinfeldSEINFELD, mixed media on wood canvas

Carly Jaye is a painter who works primarily in acrylic, creating portraits of friends and family as well as athletes, celebrities, and other pop-culture icons. Beyond human subjects, Carly’s portfolio also features examples of pet portraiture, and landscape and architectural painting.

A painting of a sign outside of a clubVELVET


In our previous feature of Carly’s pop-culture paintings and portraiture, we looked at the artist’s penchant for loving portrayals of everyone from relatives to movie stars. I also really enjoy the way that this sense of personality and reverence translates into works that depict non-human subjects. In Carly’s Miscellaneous gallery on her art portfolio website, the artist demonstrates her eye for buildings and cityscapes.

The front page of Carly Jaye's art


Carly’s slightly gestural style translates well into these pieces -- the artist’s cityscapes depict her home of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan in realistic dimension with occasional colour and compositional choices that elevate the scenes onto a slightly surreal plane.

A painting of a street in Moose Jaw, SaskatchewanMOOSE JAW

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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