The Portfolio of Textile Artist Michael Shyka

A custom silk textile made with hand-painted dyesFeathers, dye on silk

Michael Shyka is a textile artist and fashion designer who creates his own fabric designs by painting directly onto silk. Michael also works in watercolour, creating paintings that bring the artist’s fashion-minded aesthetics into the realm of landscape and portrait painting.

A hand-painted silk textile with a basket-weave patternsbasket weave print, woven


I love Michael’s floral designs on silk textiles. As we saw in our previous feature of Michael’s hand-painted silk textiles, the artist gravitates toward saturated colours and repeating patterns that use large, simplified versions of floral blossoms and leaves. The artist takes advantage of the slight, painterly moments of imperfection created by his medium to lend each work a delicate, ethereal quality.

The front page of Michael Shyka's art portfolio


The artist’s portfolio also features a gallery of fashions, in which the artist’s work can be seen “in action,” so to speak. The clothing seen being modeled reflects the aforementioned ethereal qualities of Michael’s designs -- most of his outfits are flowing, light, and perfect for a summer stroll.

A photo of someone modelling a custom silk garmentBias Striped Strap Top & Skirt

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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