Paint and Installation: The Art Portfolio of Diana Lynn


A view of a table from an installation and performance artworkhelen's table (from installation aunt helen dances at dia de los muertos)

Diana Lynn is a California-based artist who works presently in paint and installation. The artist’s installations are usually site-specific, and often address themes of temporality, death, and rebirth.


A photo of a viewer participating in Diana Lynn's Impermanent Marks installationImpermanent Marks (installation view)


Diana’s recent installation Impermanent Marks takes an interactive approach, allowing visitors to “paint” on several wall-spanning sheets of absorbent material. The paper-like material, designed for calligraphy practice, gives water the appearance of ink when it’s brushed onto the surface. These water marks evaporate quickly, eventually leaving no trace of the artwork that was painted.

A screen capture of Diana Lynn's art portfolio


It’s interesting to see how this sense of transience runs through various aspects of Diana’s art portfolio. The artist’s paintings, while more solid in their presence, often take on surreal, dreamlike subject matter. The slightly off-kilter, deeply symbolic content of these paintings means that they can be interpreted in any number of ways by any number of viewers.

An acrylic painting of four figures in surreal/traditional dressHallowed Ground, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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