The Art Portfolio of Painter Susan Horn

A gestural painting of a bridge over a riverPrescott Bridge II, oil on canvas

Painter Susan Horn captures abstract, landscape, and still-life subjects in a confident, impressionistic style. The artist’s current portfolio represents a prolific artistic career and is packed with paintings that consistently display the artist’s style.

An impressionistic painting of a barn surrounded by greeneryIvan's Barn, oil on canvas

In our previous feature of Susan’s delightfully impressionistic works, we looked at the way the artist utilizes evidence of her own hand as a part of the process, imbuing each work with an intimate, personal quality. I find this a great way to lend extra meaning to works like landscapes and still-lifes -- though anyone may be able to see a particular region or object, it’s being able to see it through Susan’s artistic eye that makes these works interesting.

A screen capture of Susan Horn's art portfolio


I love the way that the soft-edged but uniform brush marks blend together on the canvas, creating a look that’s quite smooth at a distance and a little more textured up close.

A painting of a waterfall running through autumnal wildernessUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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