The Art Portfolio of Jeff Grassie

An artwork made with carved found wood and other materialsTempest, mixed media

Jeff Grassie is an artist based in Haverhill, Massachusetts. A self-taught artist, Jeff utilizes a range of highly tactile materials including wood and metal in his artworks, creating assemblages, sculptures, and wall-hanging pieces that are as much about their subjects as they are about the materiality of the artist’s media.

A sculpture of a fish made from salvaged wood and metalSomething Fishy, salvaged wood and metal


I really like the look and feel of Jeff’s recent additions to his experimental wood art gallery. Some of the works are figurative, and Jeff does a nice job of rendering figures and objects using carved and painted panels of wood. The artist has a great eye for detail, and even in his abstract works there’s a sense that every moment of the composition is deliberate and well thought-out.

The front page of Jeff Grassie's art portfolio


Jeff’s salvaged wood and metal sculptures take his distinct style into a three-dimensional format, with beautifully assembled forms that are reminiscent of work by Andrea Buckle or Larry Scaturo. In many of these works, pieces of salvaged metal and wood are given new life in the form of a human-looking face.

A wall-hanging artwork made with abstracted elements of wood, metal, and stoneWar & Peace, mixed media, wood, stone, and metal

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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